Our Mission

To serve our clients with honesty, creativity and an unwavering focus on customer service. Summit Strategies delivers thoughtful customized solutions as our partner’s most valued investment resource.

Our Values

  • People
    • We value and respect our team members for who they are and the knowledge and skills they bring to our organization. We are committed to helping our employees grow and expand their knowledge base which will benefit our firm and clients in the future.
  • Service
    • We are dedicated to servicing our clients and always act in their best interest. We promote service to the community, acting as responsible corporate citizens and making our community and team members stronger.
  • Integrity
    • We adhere to the highest ethical standards, acting with integrity and respect, while fostering an environment of openness. Our independence allows us to always act in the best interest of our clients, making us a trusted partner.
  • Partnership
    • We are committed to working as a team towards one common goal, being a solutions provider and resource for our clients. We promote collaboration and respect in every relationship.
  • Accountability
    • We empower our team to be creative and thoughtful in developing cost effective solutions to meet our clients' needs. We are a results driven organization and hold every member of the team accountable for delivering results.